Yukiko 9.17m  featuring Miya Sato and Kees de Vries. A Japanese style ghost story. A man going for a midnight swim comes across a young woman sat under a lamppost. She says she's lost and persuades the man to let her join him. He is reluctant but eventually they go for a swim but the young woman disappears in the water. The man is angst ridden and perplexed, where they had undressed, the young woman's clothes had disappeared. The last scene if the young woman sat under the same lamppost in a scene that is very similar to the scene at the beginning of the story.

Muse 8.06m  featuring Rebecca Tun. A light hearted monologue in poetry spoken by a model about her experiences of posing for an artist and her feeling the relationship is all a little one sided.

Kunstmatig Eggs 7.58m  featuring Meer. An artist looking for kunstmatig eggs (artificial eggs) in the wood comes across a young woman also collecting kunstmatig eggs. 

The Impudent Nude. 7.05. featuring Miya Sato. A discursive poem about Japanese referring to a stolen photograph, Japanese erotic art and the arrest of Japanese feminist artist Megumi Igarashi, who was arrested in Japan for making a canoe from a pattern of her vulva. 

Angel 6.02m.  featuring Miss Matthews. A poem. Tired old failed artist mulling over the idea of one last angel of the human kind to share his bed. Soundtrack by Willem Cramer www.willemcramer.com