audio poetry


Musician and friend Willem Cramer kindly put some of my poetry reading to music. I had no input into how Willem interpreted the poetry in order to compose the music, which is probably just as well, given my absence of music ability. Needless to say, I loved his creations, which in turn presented to me level of understanding my own poems. I suppose like all artistic expressions, you let your creation go and it develops a life of its own.


With other poems, I clumsily created my own backing music from downloadable loops or incidental music. While I understand this is not the best way of making a track, in the absence of personal musical talent, it had to be that or nothing. Some might prefer nothing, I'll leave it to the listener to decide. 



soundtracks by Willem Cramer


             Angel 3.16


             Redlight Corner 3.40


             Kakkerlakker  4.57


             Cars  3.19

                               *          *.         *.         *.         *


          other poems


            l'origine du monde  2.24


            Be My Bellmer Doll  3.27


            Back To The Wall  2.38

            three short poems


            Big Idea  0.34


            Behind Glass  0.51


            Nails  0.45